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my tea party

As far as friending, let me know if you want me to add you to my flist. If you don't let me know, I can't know that you want to know all about me.

by jillrenay

{ wear }

Art/Mood Theme/Layout Credits
  • layout by grrliz, available @ thefulcrum
  • Friday Night Lights mood theme by elena_hepburn, hosted by scout27
  • Farscape, Dog With Two Bones mood theme by scout27 & myself, hosted by scout27
  • Alias, Syd & Vaughn mood theme by scout27, jenah & myself
  • Without A Trace, Sam, Martin & Danny mood theme by scout27 & myself.
  • Farscape, John & Aeryn mood theme by jenah & myself. Hosted by jenah.
  • Pride & Prejudice mood theme by cuethestrings. Hosted by scout27
  • My lovely header is courtesy of the ever beautiful, lovely and fantastically talented Sarah. As well as my lovely Vaughnerific mood theme. xoxoxoxo Miss Sarah! Hosted by Jinnie.
  • My layout is modified from one of the S2 ones originally done by faceon.