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Title: View From the Forest's Edge
Fandom: Reign
Pairings: Mary/Francis
Rating: PG
Genre: Angst/Family
Words: 463
Summary: On a snowy winter day what someone observes from a distance.
AN - this was just something I typed up one night a week or so ago, I finally decided to go ahead and put it here.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I just like to play with pretty things.

View From the Forest's Edge

The crocus are just beginning to poke through the snow, always the first sign of spring's arrival, the day I see her. I come here often, hoping for a glance, but haven't been rewarded till today.

She's wearing a velvet and fur cloak to protect her against the cold, sitting on a bench looking out over the lake. Her back is to me, but I know it's her. I would know her anywhere. The regal posture gives her away, as does the wisp of dark hair blowing in the wind.

She sits, forelorn I imagine. Does she miss me? Does she wish it was me she married instead? Does she look back fondly on our time together?

I'm lost in thought when I realize a familiar figure is approaching her. Blonde, with a loose gait. Francis. I would know him anywhere.

She turns as she hears him approaching, he smiles, likely returning her own. Her head tilts back, the hood of her cloak slipping off her head, exposing her glossy dark hair. He greets her with a lingering kiss, his hands on her face. Her hands coming up to grip his forearms.

They pull back, seeming to exchange a few words, before he sits next to her, pulling her hood back over her head, taking away my view.

He bends down, I'm not sure why. He seems to be checking on something on her cloak.

It takes me a few moments, but then I realize he is speaking to her midsection, his hand on her now clearly protruding belly. It hadn't been visible when she was sitting alone, her cloak enveloping her.

She's carrying his child. His child. Not mine. Never mine. I never had that chance.

The chance to share my passion with her. The chance to have her truly love me the way I love her. To have her look at me the ways I remember her looking at him.

He helps her up, coming round, steadying her. She holds out her gloved hand to him. He takes it, kissing the back before tucking her arm in his.

I can tell as she turns that she's well along in her pregnancy. Too far along for this to have happened since their wedding. It takes my breath away. My gut feels like it just got kicked in. When she was supposed to be with me, she was already carrying a part of him with her. The intimacies she denied me over-and-over, she'd already shared with him.

As I see her radiant smile - one she never gave me - directed towards him, the man I used to call brother - I realize she was never really mine. That they are again as they ever were. I was merely dreaming on borrowed time.



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Mar. 29th, 2014 03:04 am (UTC)
This is very heart-wrenching and sweet at the same time. Have you thought about posting it over at reign_cw? I'm sure there are folks there who would love to read this and your other Francis/Mary fics as well. :)
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